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The World of Smileys

Smileys have been with us since its birth on September 19, 1982. But yet during, that time, it was not as popular as it is today. Perhaps, this is because it was not yet as interactive, as emotive and as expressive as it is today.

In the beginning, the only smiley face looked like this :-). It is a simple combination of punctuation marks. It only symbolizes a simple smile.

But now, it has evolved into different forms expressing diverse emotions. And lately, it can perform different actions in their virtual forms. Yes, it has metamorphosed into diverse forms and can perform more complex actions.

From its humble origin, it has transfigured into yellow faces expressing life-like emotions. It includes the smiling faces, the sad one, the angry one, the grinning one, the hypnotized, and the angry smiley. Also, aside from their being able to perform the basic human emotions, they can also mimic particular human actions like yawning, sleeping, snoring, among others. It can perform just the simple actions in an immobile manner. Yet, they are becoming popular among message senders.

Most often, these kinds of yellow smiley faces (smileys) are used in electronic mail and in instant messengers like in Yahoo or MSN. Accompanied with written messages, they can be used to exalt the emotions of the receiver or they can be used as is to express the sender's feelings. They also proliferate in chatrooms and in electronic greeting cards because they vividly express the feelings of the sender. Thus, they are preferred by most of the chatters and message senders alike. From this kind of smileys, came the newly developed virtual smileys.

Like in Darwinian's theory of evolution, these tiny emotive smiley faces have evolved into higher forms and can now perform more complex actions than their previous ancestors. From their humble origin, the virtual smiley breathed to life. It was developed to provide for the needs of the users.

The new breed of smileys can interact with the other smileys. They were born from their parent smileys. They meet other smileys, they hang around, they dance, they hug, they play, and they work. They, too, fall in love and marry. And of course, they perform human-like rites and ceremonies like weddings.

These virtual smiley buddies are the new breed of smileys. They are the newest virtual buddies you can have on your desktop. They are amusing. At times, they are funny. At times, they simply sit at a corner and do nothing. But generally, they are cute and attractive to look at and nice to have on you desktop. If ever you feel bored about your dust-covered desktop, try ordering these virtual buddies. They not only amuse you, they will also raise your spirit through their human-like actions and expressive emotions.

GetSmile offers all these new breeds of virtual Smileys. They were developed to meet the demands for complexly functioning Smileys which are preferred by most message senders. They can be bought at, for a very reasonable price.


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