Take A Look At Our Smileys And Smile A Mile!

Using smileys is the best way to make your letters, chats and blogs come alive with emotion and expression. These funny, funky characters make people lighthearted and forget their worries, at least for the time being. Browse through our vast collection of smileys and smile a mile – remember, a smile increases face value!


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Champions Collection

Our champions collection features these smileys playing different games, like baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, boxing, cricket, water sports and what have you. These active creatures are up on their feet all day and never tire of being full of beans! We have 180 smileys in our Champions collection, which will never cease to amaze you with their sheer energy and verve!

Luck and Fortune Collection

We can guarantee that you will never find our Luck and Fortune collection of smileys anywhere else on the World Wide Web. These smileys are great to convey love, greetings for St.Patrick’s Day, Easter and so on and so forth. We have for you all of 175 smileys in this collection, so have a ball with these tiny things!

Energizer Collection

Our smileys in the ‘Energizer’ collection are full of pep. These smileys will make the laziest lump get up and move around actively! Our energizer smileys happily dance a jig with several electronics like iPods, music players, stereo systems and computers. These animated smileys come alive on the screen at just the click of a button!

Cats and Dogs Collection

The Cats and Dogs Collection features 175 cat and dog smileys playfully romping through the screen, making your smile get wider by the minute! These guys are probably the next best thing to a ‘Tom and Jerry’ show! These smileys will also let your friends have a good laugh over the impossibly funny animated collection!

Animated Smileys, MSN Emoticons and Smilies