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What makes a yellow Smiley Face so popular?

Today the use of these small yellow smiley faces, often referred to as Smileys, has become so popular among internet users. Smileys proliferate in electronic mails, in instant messengers and even in text messaging. But what makes these small yellow smileys so popular among us?

Smileys have become so popular because they are the best way of conveying our feelings and emotions. The virtual smileys, most especially, are very expressive of the emotions of the sender. These smileys will let the one you're talking to, know about how you feel about certain things. Together with words, smileys or emotive icons will allow you to express yourself. They are very efficient to express your emotions.

Oftentimes, when words do not suffice to convey your written message, the use of smileys will do. Since the old times, smileys are used to convey the not-so-serious tone of the letter sender. When someone wrote you ' you're a moron. :-)' you do not take it that serious. The sender is understood to have sent you joke, and not a sarcastic remark. Without the smiley, you can interpret it as it is. When the sender wrote you ' you're a moron :-(' that's the time that you have to take it as degradation. A :-( means that the sender is serious. But these days, the meanings of :-( have become so varied. It could also mean 'I am sad', 'I am not feeling well', or 'I am not in good mood'.

Sometimes, too, a smiley suffices in itself to convey your message. In an exchange email or text message which requires a positive or negative answer, a simple :-) will mean that you respond positively or you agree with him/her. It means that you are happy about the idea. When you reply with :-(, it means that you disagree with him or her. Also, when you send a simple :-) it can mean that you remember the person. It means that you sent a heartwarming smile to the person. Certainly, the person will appreciate your sending him/her a heartwarming smile.

Smileys, too, add beauty to your message. You can choose from a wide variety of smileys. Some are cute, funny and really attractive. Words may not be enough to convey your feelings and emotion. Smileys complement your message. Surely, they add life to your message.

Sometimes, words misled the reader. Sometimes, they result in miscommunication. Smileys can bridge this gap between two people. They can help you communicate your message better. Without these smileys, the message will appear serious, direct, and sometimes brazen enough to be misunderstood. Sometimes, a simple :-) will mean Ďpeace brotherí.
You know now why these tiny smiley faces got so popular. However, it isnít popularity that really matters. Itís the life you put into your message which makes it unique and life giving. This is what these tiny smiley faces can offer.

Smileys serve different functions among internet users. They have become functional and necessary, that is why so many internet users are using smileys.

There will always be new things to learn about these cute little smileys.


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